Mindful Execise improves Mental Health!

Exercise in Nature: It's no secret that getting into the great outdoors is good for your health. One hugely positive result of the Covid-19 epidemic is the obvious increase in people exercising and getting out and about. But the question I often ask myself is, are people making the most of the outdoor experience?

There was a time where I used to prioritise the physical aspect of training over the mental aspect, now I'm glad to say its the other way around. I've gone from constantly worrying about stats or beating a PB to making sure I fully soak up the experience and make the most of being outside. I lost count of how many times I finished a run, looked at my watch to check the stats and barely even realised the beauty of my surroundings. Finding a balance is the key... Its important to remember that we are happy when we feel alive, so the best way to achieve that feeling is to surround yourself with life! Getting outdoors into the countryside is the best example of that, all around you are living things, trees and plants, birds and bees, streams and rivers and many other magical examples of life. So the next time you get out and about running or on the bike, try making a few simple tweaks to radically change your experience: ✅1. Take a break or two or three... Stop to take in the life that surrounds you. ✅2. Observe the small details and moments carefully with all of your attention and appreciation. ✅3. Be quiet and listen, it will be the most peaceful few seconds of your day! ✅4. Explore with your exercise, don't stick to the same old routes you know so well, you could be missing hidden gems all around your local area. ✅5. Find an exercise/distance/speed you enjoy. Its simple if you don't enjoy what your doing, you won't keep it up. This applies to all aspects of health.

Try it out, share and let us know how you get on.... 👍🏻🚲🏃🏊#mindfultraining#lifestylechange#slowdown#livehappy

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