Spend some time away from the office and experience the ultimate team building environment. All of our Retreats and Away Days focus highly on health and wellness, so whether you're challenging your fitness in the outdoors or de-stressing in a spa resort, we have all bases covered.

So what are the benefits of a corporate wellbeing holiday/retreat?

Aside from the obvious having fun and taking time to de stress the team there are some very important benefits of a retreat.

As an employer, a corporate wellness retreat is an effective way of demonstrating to your employees that you value them and the work they do, yielding a positive return on investment in terms of staff loyalty and work ethic.

Increase workplace productivity:

Statistics show that illness and underperformance present the two largest factors affecting productivity in the workplace. A wellness holiday offers the opportunity to target these factors for long-term improvement. Through nutrition, exercise and relaxation techniques, a wellness holiday provides a tailor-made programme, targeted at helping professionals relieve and manage the factors affecting their work, leading to an all-round happier and more productive worker.

Boost team morale:

Building camaraderie and boosting morale, the option of a group wellness retreat is a rewarding means of fostering teamwork and job satisfaction. Whether it’s through team sports, stretching out with a group yoga class or learning a new skill, professionals will have a chance to get to know one another better in a non-work related environment, whilst enhancing their health and well-being.

Instil a sense of loyalty:

Research consistently shows that the turn over costs of hiring a new employee is much higher than retaining existing employees. Invest in your employees and show that you value them with a life enhancing corporate wellness retreat, and reap the benefits of a more efficient, motivated and loyal employee.

Our retreats and locations can be tailor made to suit your needs, or you can experience one of our readymade adventures below.