Improve Mental Health and Emotional Management through Mindfulness.

Qualify your staff as Workplace Mindfulness Champions.

At Inner Peak our staff strive daily to be the best in what we do, at the heart of that is Mindfulness training. Our course delivery is unique and is focussed not just on the practice of Mindfulness but in our effort to enable each learner regardless of experience, to walk away with a new set of skills they can use throughout their lives.


So what is it?


Mindfulness can be described as the ability to bring one's attention to the present moment both internally and externally without casting judgment and becoming lost in thought.

The benefits gained by those who practice Mindfulness is invaluable, especially in the workplace. Benefits range from emotional management to heightened alertness and an improved ability to deal with stress. We guarantee each individual will take something positive from the training and this will benefit the company and the employee massively.

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Bespoke Mindfulness Delivery:

Every company is different and we recognise this, that's why our training will be delivered according to your exact needs. Below are some of our more popular methods of delivery:

  • Face to Face delivery (under 25 People) small classroom required

  • Face to Face delivery (Over 25 People) large classroom or hall required

  • Online (virtual classroom)

  • At one of our designated centres

So why do it? Here's ten reasons:

  • Improved emotional management

  • Makes us smarter and improves decision making

  • Improves mood

  • Increases ability to feel empathy and benevolence for others

  • Boosts attention span and focus

  • Increases resilience and equanimity

  • Slows down neurodegenerative diseases

  • Enhances creativity

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

  • Enhances experiences in all aspects of life due to heightened attention to detail

InnerPeak can provide training for employee mental wellbeing, resilience, and stress management—from introductory sessions to comprehensive skills training, and more; whatever your budget and needs.

Course Options and Price:

  • Mindfulness short course - half day £50 per person

  • Mindfulness Champions - 1 day £100 per person

  • Mindfulness with Meditation - 2 days £150 per person

  • Mindfulness for Sport, Fitness and Health - 2 days £150 per person

  • 1 to 1 tuition ,Seminars/Webinars available

  • All courses are bespoke and delivered to your requirements

Mindfulness Training is the number one service we recommend to seriously change the wellbeing of your workforce. On top of the benefits listed above it can help with various mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. It will help reduce stress whilst improving staff sickness and boosting productivity.

Dont believe us? Here is the evidence: