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Level 1 Awareness of Safeguarding

This qualification will provide an understanding of safeguarding which can be used in a workplace, activity group or any instance where a person comes into contact with children or adults at risk. The qualification provides learners with the knowledge to identify a safeguarding concern, record a disclosure and report to the appropriate person. 

RQF Level 1 Award Qualification title: FAA Level 1 Award in Awareness of Safeguarding Code 603/5635/2

Unit 1 title: Awareness of Safeguarding Unit code D/618/0147

Duration: The minimum classroom contact time of 4 hours should be delivered over a minimum of half a day. The course can be spread over a maximum of 2 weeks, ensuring that each session is a minimum of two hours. Syllabus A range of Safeguarding related subjects are covered including:

• Safeguarding legislation and guidance

• Roles and responsibilities

• Abuse and neglect

• Identifying concerns and disclosure

• Making judgements

• Reporting safeguarding concerns


Numbers: A maximum of 16 students are allowed on the course and must be a minimum of 14 years of age.


Assessment: The qualification is assessed by a written assessment including open and multiple-choice questions. A learner must successfully pass the written assessment to achieve the qualification. There is no grading of the assessment; learners pass or are referred.

Certification: A certificate can be offered to all, subject to assessment.

Level 1 Award in Awareness of Safeguarding will be issued to the learner. The qualification does not have an expiry date, but refresher training and keeping up to date with changes to policies, procedures and new legislation through ongoing CPD is vital.